Ron Opdam of Sunwise Bonaire

Back in the days

“In 1986, when I was 18 and the house of my parents was sold, I first came into contact with the real estate business and I knew immediately: this is what I want!
And so it happened: after my education as an official broker, I immediately started my own agency, in which a few years later, we sold between 250 and 300 houses per year with an average of 9 employees. We also managed and rented houses and also managed HoAs (homeowner associations).

High service level

We have always strived for a very high service level, even at the times sales and rental became very easy because of shortages on the market. In whatever time we live, buying or renting a house remains a weighty decision!

Ron Opdam

Transparency and open communication

With our sellers and homeowner clients, we have always had very transparent and frequent communication: in the first years by telephone or while drinking coffee, in the digital age more and more via email, Skype and so on. The investments of our clients are always valuable property and should be handled with the utmost care!
We believe that we have only done well if we can shake hands with an extremely happy tenant or buyer and a very satisfied client!”
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