The house itself was great

The house if equipped with everything you would ever need. So why only three stars? It's very close to the main road and to the neighboring houses. The window insulation is not that good and consequently everything is very noisy. I had trouble sleeping at night (room on the Streetside). Also one of the neighbors appeared to be a DJ of bad music (I agree a matter of taste, but the volume was quite disturbing too). There was also a high window that could not be blinded and the large billboard outside next to the road caused a lot of light flickering through that window. It also heats up the room during the day, so I would hang something before that window.
Next time I will look for a house that has a better location in a more quiet part of Bonaire and not so close to a main road or other houses.
The house itself was great.
5th Dec 2021 by Erik Meesters about Casa Leeward in Water Villas via