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Transparency and a high service level are the key words of Sunwise Bonaire on the former Netherlands Antilles. Sunwise, in person of Debby Kerkhof and Ron Opdam, manages and lets out holiday homes, resorts and apartments on the island of Bonaire, on behalf of the owners and for both vacation rental and long term rental.

Debby Kerkhof Debby Kerkhof

I am working in the residential real estate business since 1998.
Immediately after my HEAO-study where I got my diploma for real estate agent, I joined a large VBO office in Capelle aan den IJssel and via a few other jobs in the real estate business I finally acquired my own office in Rotterdam.
In my career I have sold and let dozens of homes for my clients, I have advised developers about their construction projects and sold these houses for them.

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The housing market, also on the former Dutch Antilles, in both the sales and rental field, changed tremendously in recent years, especially due to the digital revolution. We have always tried to keep up, so in an early stage we started with the use of social media. These networks of today are marketing platform number 1 and I think we have always used them the right way. Not by sending all kinds of automated messages, like most real estate offices do, but really focused on effective posts. Even now, as a realtor on Bonaire, when trying to rent out our vacation apartments and villas, we take advantage of all the opportunities that social media offer us and we see that in the results! People that are looking for Bonaire vacations, know how to reach us increasingly.
Another subject that we have always tried to distinguish ourselves with, is the use of (interior) photography. Immediately after photos became important with the introduction of Funda.nl (the leading housing site in the Netherlands), we have given our brokers a training in interior photography, we purchased professional equipment and the pictures have become our trademark! Bonaire, with its beautiful climate and weather, offers a great setting for making beautiful pictures of all the hotels, apartments and villas on the island!

Ron OpdamRon Opdam

Realtor Bonaire: My first contact with real estate brokerage was back in 1986, when I was 18 and my parents’ house was sold. I knew it right away: I will become a real estate agent!
And so it happened: after my study I immediately started my own office, with which we sold en let out many properties (annually between 250 and 300 homes, with a staff of about 9 people) and administered Associations of Owners.
We have always pursued a very high service level, even though sales and rentals were much easier back than compared to the last couple of years. In whatever time we live, buying or renting a home always is an important decision! This is also the case over here, on the island, especially because the owners of the apartments, villas or resorts on Bonaire are so far away, most of the time.

Property manager Bonaire

As a property manager on Bonaire, with our clients, house owners and buyers, we always had very clear and frequent communication: in the early years by phone or “at the coffee”, in the digital age more and more by e-mail, Skype and secure files online. The investment of our clients is always a valuable asset and thus should be treated with great care by us!
We believe that we have only done well if we can shake hands after a deal, and leave a very happy tenant or buyer and a very well satisfied vacation home owner. And that investors, due to complete and reliable overviews of all costs and income, all ins and outs, is happy with his property and his manager on the former Antilles, now Dutch Caribbean!


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