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Many hotels and vacation rental homes have a folder display where guests can pick out the information about attractions, nightlife and activities on their holiday destination.
In all the apartments and villas that we manage, indeed you can find brochures or business cards of our favorite companies on Bonaire, businesses and people that are able to enrich the stay of our guests on our beautiful island even more!
Because today we live in a digital world though, we have created a digital folder display, with our selection of top restaurants, bars, excellent transportation companies and businesses that are organizing activities (both on land and on water), below.

Let me begin with a special mention for We Share Bonaire. Many of the images on this website are made by them. On their website they show Bonaire at its best! Thanks to We Share Bonaire for the wonderful pictures!

We do not pretend that the list below is complete, so we constantly ask our guests to give us tips and suggestions and update the list!

Cuba Compagnie Bonaire
To start with the RESTAURANTS – we have to eat, right? The Sunwise Bonaire team has some absolute favorites, depending on the requirements, the time and the desired atmosphere.
On the boulevard, on the side of the container terminal, next to the Dive-Inn location of Dive Friends Bonaire, you can find restaurant At Sea: great food, especially in the evening and not on Sundays and Mondays.

A little further down the road we find Capriccio, with a wonderful Italian cuisine with the finest pastas and live music on a regular basis. The entourage seems a bit sterile (lots of white, modern look), but the excellent food and great service bring the right atmosphere to your evening.

From Capriccio heading into town, on the Wilhelmina Square (right where the cruise ships harbour), we see Cuba Compagnie. The friendliness of the people, the warm atmosphere, erotic dancing, the stirring music, the beautiful buildings and the special cars on the Caribbean island of Cuba, stole the hearts of the owners of this great venue and they wanted to show it all in their grand café on Bonaire. And they succeeded! Our favorite night at Cuba Compagnie is Thursday night when you can Latin Dance right after dinner!

Oceanfront, on one of the best locations on Bonaire, Sebastian’s serves an eclectic and international menu with a Mediterranean flair. The restaurant offers seaside dining and their special Table on The Pier (available by special request) is great for proposing or just a romantic dinner.

Closed on Sundays, but with a great Happy Hour on Friday (5-7pm), the famous It Rains Fishes restaurant offers top of the line dining experiences on the waterfront of our gorgeous island. In front of It Rains Fishes there are several fishing boats. Almost daily they leave in the early morning to go fishing. Immediately after return the catch is cleaned in front of the restaurant and delivered to them!

Another one of our favorites is Ingridients. Yes indeed, with an “i” instead of an “e”, because the hostess her name is “Ingrid”. This lovely restaurant is oceanfront too, a little higher, so you can watch all the night divers on the Buddy Dive resort house reef. Great dining, although they don’t sell Amstel Bright :–(

The Spice Beach Club is between Eden Beach Resort and Coco Beach and offers a great beachbar and a wonderful restaurant. The tables are literally on the beach, so here you really get that ultimate island feeling. Great food and the Happy Hour every Friday late afternoon maybe is the best on the island, with great music and happy people, a mixture of both residents and tourists.

Just like Ingridients and Spice the Rum Runners restaurant at the Captain Don’s Habitat resort is in the Hato area, where all the large dive resorts are. Rum Runners is famous for their pizzas that they prepare in an outdoor oven next to the tables. The terrace is lifted, so the guests have a wonderful view at the lighted sea where huge dark shadows of the tarpons swim around…

At Foodies Restaurant, near Lac Bay in the Sorobon area, Kelly and Gerbrand share their passion for food, drinks and off course coziness. One of our favorites for lunch and dinner!

Scuba Diving Bonaire

So let’s move on to the WATERSPORTS shall we? – Bonaire is all about water, so what can we do with that? The Sunwise Bonaire team has picked a few favorites, based on personal experience, but of course this list isn’t complete either:

Bonaire is known for its easy shore diving. Most of the diving is done on the west (leeward) side of the island, but there is another side of Bonaire… the east coast, also known as the “Wild Side”Compared to the west side of the island, the east coast offers a unique and more adventurous kind of diving experience. With almost flat and widespread coral reefs to steep rugged walls, the east coast has a great variety of dive sites that are very different from the west side dives. B.A.S. Diving is the one and only dedicated east coast shore dive operator.

The other east coast dive operator, not from shore, but from a specially prepared rigid-inflatable boat (RIB), is Bonaire East Coast Divers. They offer daily trips to the east coast: a two tank dive in the morning and a single tank dive in the afternoon. One of the tubes of the rib can be taken away partially to enable easy access to the boat after your dives.

AB Dive is our favorite one-stop dive shop on the island. Not only because our guests can take all PADI courses at AB, get air or Nitrox and rent all imaginable equipment, but especially because they are the perfect combination with AB Car Rental, the car rental company with the largest and best-kept fleet on the island. For our diving guests: if desired, AB delivers the rental cars with a compartment full of dive tanks, that later, when empty, can be easily exchanged for full tanks. Some of our accommodations offer an exceptional package deal with AB: stay, car and unlimited air at a great discount! Ask Sunwise for which accommodations this is the case. In any way, upon arrival our guests will receive a 10% discount voucher from us, for AB Dive!

But of course our guests can have a lot of fun ON the water too! Bonaire’s cool Caribbean trade winds provide the right environment for windsurfing and kiteboarding almost 365 days a year. At the to the kiters exclusively assigned Atlantis Beach – divers know they can come here only on windless days – two kite schools are active: Bonaire Kiteschool and Kiteboarding Bonaire. Next to our favorite beachbar (the Hangout Beachbar), you can windsurf at Jibe City. Jibe is a relaxed and laid back windsurf centre situated at the Lac Bay lagoon, on the east coast of Bonaire. Here you can rent windsurf equipment, stand-up-paddle boards, take lessons or just chill and enjoy the view and the windsurf action from the Hangout Beachbar.

For all the fun on the water you can go to Caribe Watersport at the Spice Beachclub in Hato. They offer snorkeling tours, sailing lessons, boat rentals,  Banana Ride, wakeboarding, water skiing and knee board riding. They also have a watertaxi that brings you to Klein Bonaire.

Windows to the Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling is a small, unique tour guide business owned and operated by Nathalie and Jairo. They specialize in tours through Bonaire’s mangrove forests, the ocean’s nursery!

Complete your holiday and join Epic Tours on one of their truly epic sailing yacht adventures. Whether you book an adventurous snorkel tour or a relaxing sunset tour, Bas and Michiel assure you this sailing trip will be unforgettable!

Outdoor Activities Bonaire

We leave the water for a moment and go back on land. Let’s have a look at the OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and TRANSPORTATION our little island has to offer…

To see Bonaire in a different way, it’s a great idea to step on one of the electrical vehicles of Segway Bonaire and experience an easy-to-do fun ride. It doesn’t take much effort to glide away and enjoy the beautifull country side and ocean front. During the many stops Jan and Thonia will make, you have plenty of time to take pictures and listen to the guides that tell you everything you need to know about the history and culture of Bonaire.

Explore the Caribbean Sea on the Sea Cow, originally a catamaran turned into one of Bonaire’s most popular snorkel experiences. Henk and Gea and their crew, all very experienced guides, bring you to the most beautiful snorkel spots of Klein Bonaire. During their trips, a professional photographer will make gorgeous photographs that you can purchase at the end of your beautiful experience with us.

Sea Cow Bonaire

As Bonaire doesn’t have public transportation, walking around is simply too hot and there’s so much more to see than just the surroundings of your Sunwise accommodation, we advise our guests to rent a car. AB Car Rental offers a fleet of over 200 well-maintained dive pick up trucks, family and economy cars, sedans and SUVs. Their rental cars are serviced regularly and cleaned before every rental period by their professional car wash team. Ask your Sunwise contact for a quote!

Bonaire’s famous water taxi to Klein Bonaire is called “Kantika di Amor”. Hop on right in front of the It Rains Fishes restaurant and experience a beautiful water ride to the small uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire.

The tuk tuk is another way to discover the beauty and hidden treasures of the Island, and it’s silent and emission free! The vehicles were made in Thailand and in the Netherlands they where fitted with an electric motor and then exported to the Caribbean. Bon Tuk Eco Tours Bonaire offers all kinds of tours and their goal is to work with local guides that can tell visitors about their own culture and history. Lara and Hélène want to offer tourists the opportunity to explore the island in a clean and environmentally friendly way, by using this ‘green’ vehicle.

Beach Bars Bonaire
And last, but certainly not least – in fact this is truly our favorite part! – where can we find the best BEACH BARS!?

The Hang Out Beach Bar in the Sorobon area organizes the unsurpassed Table BBQ, every Thursday evening, if the wind is not too strong. Every approximately 4 weeks, there is a full moon. The Hang Out Beachbar never lets this opportunity go unnoticed and organizes the now
famous Full Moon Party. If you’re lucky, the ‘FMP’ is while you’re on the island!

Karel’s Beach Bar is a unique seafront bar and restaurant that is located right in the heart of Bonaire. What started as a simple bar quickly grew to a popular spot and Karel’s Beach Bar is a landmark to anyone that has visited Bonaire before.

And our final ‘Tip for our Guests’ is about the Spice Beach Club, we already discussed above in the restaurant section. They have great palapas on the beach, for you to enjoy the fine drinks and food they serve. By the way, should you wonder, a palapa is a traditional Mexican shelter roofed with palm leaves or branches.


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