Seven studio units

At the Kaya Italia we offer 7 of the 12 apartments in Villa Italia for rent.

The apartments, 4 ground floor units and 3 on the second floor, are all identical in terms of layout.
The two parts of the building are separated by a covered ‘corridor’, where the front doors open.

The comfortable layout

Behind the front door is the dining kitchen, which is equipped with a small dining table, various cupboards and a small kitchen unit with hob, fridge and boiler.
Behind the kitchen is the living room / bedroom, with a double bed, a closet and a sliding glass door to the small balcony.
The bathroom with toilet, shower and sink can be reached from the living room / bedroom.

Additional information

Rental price for 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9: $ 725 per month, including shared internet connection (fiber optic) and excluding water and electricity (Pagabon system)
Rental price for apartment 4: $ 520 per month, excluding internet/tv, water and electricity.
Minimum rental period: 6 months
(except voor apartment 4)
Deposit: 1 month’s rent
No pets allowed
Allocation is based on availability and acceptance by the owner
Location on Google Maps

Apartment 1 (ground floor) RENTED
Apartment 2 (ground floor) RENTED
Apartment 3 (ground floor) RENTED
Apartment 4 (ground floor) RENTED
Apartment 7 (2nd floor) RENTED
Apartment 8 (2nd floor) RENTED
Apartment 9 (2nd floor) RENTED

(updated 8th December 2021)

All questions and applications by e-mail only please: ron@sunwisebonaire.com

The pictures (representative for 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9)…

The pictures (of apartment 4)…