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Bonaire HotelsYou came to the right place to immediately check availability and rates for Bonaire hotels and our holiday rentals on Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands, the former Netherlands Antilles. For most accommodations we offer HIGH LAST-MINUTE DISCOUNTS for the 20 days following the booking date and WE DON’T ADD SERVICE CHARGE to your quote, which is quite unique on Bonaire. Most rental companies charge 10 to 15% additional costs to the guests.

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Holiday In The Sun

Holiday In The SunBonaire truly has the best climate throughout the whole Caribbean, so your visit will be your perfect holiday in the sun. We have very little rainfall, less than 22 inches per year and mostly during the nights or early mornings in the months of October, November and December and therefore you will be able to enjoy this island in any time of the year. There is a prevailing easterly trade wind that provides a constistent 15 mph (= 25 Kmh) breeze. The location of Bonaire, just north of Venezuela, is just outside of the hurricane zone. The consistent high temperatures give you the genuine feeling of the tropics. In the months of January and February, the temperature on Bonaire will be the coolest, with an average of 29 degrees C (84F) in daytime and 25C (77F) during the night. The warmest months are September and October with 31C (88F) during the day and 27C (81F) at night. So the temperature differences are rather slight and that is a huge advantage when you’re looking for a holiday in the sun: next to these temperatures, we have an average of nine hours sun per day!

Scuba Diving

Scuba DivingThe trade winds that we wrote about in the section above, are also the main reason the reefs are among the most pristine in the Caribbean, making Bonaire one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. If the wind blows constinuously from the same direction, one side of the island has “rough” water conditions (the windward side) and the other side (the leeside) is almost always calm. Because Bonaire is situated at a 90 degree angle to its trade winds, the island’s western side (where you’ll find most of the scuba diving operations) is always calm and protected.
Not only does this provide perfect snorkeling conditions about 99% (no exaggeration) of the time, it also alows corals to grow prolifically in shallow water (rough water tends to knock some of the corals over, preventing them from attaining full growth). The low rainfall on Bonaire is also a blessing, since fresh water from rivers (there are no rivers on Bonaire) and rain runoff are enemies of the coral reef. Freshwater runoff almost contains sediments, which can harm the coral by literally smothering it.
The rough water conditions on the east coast shouldn’t stop scuba divers from discovering that windward side of the island. On For Our Guests you will find a few companies that are specialized in dive trips, both from shore as from a boat, on our east coast. These dives will be the best of your holiday on Bonaire!

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